Ryan Turner Signet Ring - Limited Pre-sale

Ryan Turner Signet Ring - Limited Pre-sale

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Size Q - Resize available for smaller sizes

A solid Sterling Silver “Signet” styled ring with a brushed finish. Onyx stone on the front face with hidden initials.

This ring draws inspiration from the age-old tradition of signet rings and their position in society throughout history. These rings were originally worn on the pinkie finger and displayed a families crest. It was a form of physically displaying ones hierarchy and served a dual purpose as a “seal” used to legitimise letters. As a contemporary piece of jewelry this ring symbolises the “Ryan Turner” brand and creates a sense of belonging and unity to followers of the name.

“fall into the void of the dark and mysterious, the place where the truth of your inner self reflects who you really are, not what society expects”

“fear is only as deep as the mind allows” - Japanese Proverb


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