One-Off Original - Disjunction Jacket

One-Off Original - Disjunction Jacket


Deconstructed reversed cropped jacket - This jacket was inspired by a traditional suiting jacket using a deconstructed and displaced dress shirt as the main silhouette. This jacket is designed to be worn back to front (front jacket opening at back) so to not lose any detailing when paired with various pieces from the collection. Although designed to be worn reversed it has been shaped and constructed so it can be worn the “traditional” way with front opening at front. The “front” features a deconstructed shirt creating the base structure complete with collar, collar stand and plackets falling down and around the bust. Jet pockets (accessible when worn “traditionally”) draw the original garment back to the piece with an in-seam pocket along the front sleeve shaping providing functionality regardless of the way it is warn. The sleeves of this jacket have been extended to add depth and a disproportionate contrast against the cropped base when the sleeves are worn either hanging or pulled up.

Modeled with the “One-Off Original Isolation Dress”

Proudly designed and made with love in New Zealand by Ryan Turner

Grey Colourway: Cotton | Silk
Dry Cleaning is recommended

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