Extraction Dress

Extraction Dress


Deconstructed shirt - singlet dress - A modern take on a three piece suit taking inspiration from a waist coat in a new form. This singlet/dress conglomerate is a deconstructed shirt that has been displaced upside down evolving upwards through the rest of the body. The front features the original shirts sleeves which can be worn down and hanging or tied loosely to create texture and directional lines towards the front of the body. The front features straight bust darts to allow for unisex wear without connotations of traditional bust darts affecting a males decision to wear. The shaping at the bust is very minimal to further this idea and in combination with the organic jersey knit, sits around the pecs so to not create the look of a bust. The seams have been flat locked to flatten the seams and produce a more textural finish through the ladders created by this stitch.All hems including the armholes are left raw to allow for the knit to naturally roll. The front hem also sports the original ribbing neckline which has been unpicked and extended to create an extended gusset-like feature that falls over the side of one leg

Proudly designed and made with love in New Zealand by Ryan Turner

Black Colourway: Organic Cotton
Cold Machine Wash is recommended

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