“RYAN TURNER” owned and operated by company founder “Ryan Turner” is a high end fashion label offering unisex / androgynous clothing and apparel to people of all gender, age and size. The company’s goal is to redefine gender roles set by modern society and offer new and innovative garments that push the boundaries of commercial fashion, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort and functionality. Those who follow RYAN TURNER are those who spend their day-to-day lives in modesty (although we can go overtly crazy). We are not in this world to dress to the latest fashion trends nor do we follow the conformations of colour and pattern. A person who wears RYAN TURNER knows who they are and where they stand in life, or have an understanding of this. We do not hyper-extend our personalities though being the center of attention however we do find ourselves there a lot because of our indifference. We are strong human beings who tend to our psyche, who find strength and solace in the comfort of knowing that how we dress is so completely original and open minded that nobody can judge us. Whether it be in the supermarket, a high-end-event or simply in a park, RYAN TURNER dresses to the occasion, it is up to the individual to decide how they present it.   .